We promise not to sell or use your information other than in the manner and duration of a contracted project.

Meaning: if you give us your phone number and/or e-mail address to contact you during a project we will use those to contact you, but after the project is completed we will no longer contact you and we will not sell or give away your information to any third parties for any reason. We will also not contact you further about sales/promotions/etc unless you specifically ask us to.

The only exception to this rule is the transmission of information to law enforcement or the courts, as mandated by law, so please don’t commit any crimes around us if you can help it.


We take security seriously. All credit cards are processed by third party processors using fancy encryption. In other words, we will never have access to your credit card number(s). If you happen to write us a check (whether business or personal) we promise to deposit it promptly and not share your bank information with any third parties. We will never ask for things like your social security number, mothers maiden name, or the first street you grew up on.