About Us

Land of Lorenzo is a lifestyle collective by husband and wife team Nick Metzger and Alexandra Olivia. Born out of a desire to collect all our side-hustles into one main hustle, we aim to carve out a unique space, offering the best of both design and services into one affordable product.

We see LALO as an extension of what we were already doing for ourselves and friends, and a way to utilize our combined 10+ years of experience in curation and design.

In addition to offering a wide inventory of home goods, LALO is a comprehensive solution for all occasions. Planning a wedding? We can take engagement photos, DJ the reception, and even help you design your home after the honeymoon. Starting a new business? We’ll help style a photo shoot and take pictures to build content for your company website.

These are only a couple of examples, but it shows the power of our holistic approach. We’d love to talk with you about your specific needs. Come be a part of the Land of Lorenzo!

Our fuzzy buds Preston (top) and Rupert (bottom)

Our fuzzy buds Preston (top) and Rupert (bottom)

Who the Heck is Lorenzo!?

Although we don’t have kids, we occasionally find ourselves sitting around playing the “what would we name our hypothetical baby” game. Alexandra, for whatever reason, is always stuck on the name Lorenzo, much to Nick’s chagrin. When it was time to name our “baby” company the name Lorenzo came up once again. Nick initially protested Lorenzo but after a few weeks of back and forth debate, even he had to admit the name had a certain ear catching ring to it.